The power of change lies in each and every one of us. Change that can impact ourselves, families, communities, and world. Every one of us can become a catalyst for change that can impact the world. It is not a far-fetched aspiration, but rather a reality that can be realized with belief and action. This workshop will focus on how we can equip ourselves to become catalyst of change in our world.


Abathar Tajaldeen

Abathar Tajaldeen

Sayyid Abathar Tajaldeen is a partner at the AT Law Group, based in Dearborn, MI. His practices focuses on immigration law, business law, and nonprofit law. With a background in nonprofit executive leadership and management, he has worked with various nonprofit organizations in the United States. Tajaldeen is currently the Executive Director at the Mainstay Foundation where he focuses his efforts on strategic planning, coalition building, and expanding the organizations initiatives and outreach.