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SAFETY: Managing Hate Crimes

How Can We Find Protection in The Unthinkable Moments?

Although reports of mass shootings and violence are becoming more prevalent across the United States, the topic of managing hate crimes and responding to an active shooting is a topic we have not explored in depth as a community. One of the most significant problems we have is that we lack training in dealing with hate groups, particularly those targeting Muslims. In addition, center administrators and community members lack the appropriate response techniques to deal with a gunman, mass shooting, and terrorist attacks.

The safety of our constituents must be one of our top priorities. We need to take proactive measures and always remain vigilant. What can we proactively do to protect ourselves and our community during the unthinkable moments of tragedy?

MENTAL HEALTH: Providing and Managing Mental Health in the Community

What Can We Do to Start Providing Mental Health Counseling?

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, the largest research organization in the world specializing in mental illness, “Nearly one in five U.S. adults live with a mental illness (52.9 million in 2020).” With the rise of mental health issues, our centers and organizations lack providing the necessary and crucial mental health counseling services to their community members and the people who need it the most. Whether its illness, job loss, isolation, rising medical costs, or even financial insecurity, the fact that we are impacted by these complications deserve a critical stand that addresses the root cause.

What should Islamic centers and organizations be doing to fulfill their role in this matter?

CAREER MENTORSHIP: Inspiring Future Leaders through College & Career Counseling

Are We Investing in a Generation of Learners?

After being established for several years or even decades, most of our organizations and centers are still unable to provide our young community members with mentorship opportunities or guidance related to their future college and career. We know our students need to be inspired to aim higher and achieve new heights. Based on the surveys that The Mainstay Foundation has conducted, our centers and organizations lack providing college and career counseling services to our students. Therefore, students are not inspired and struggle to find direction in this challenging world of education and academia.

How can we make this new generation a more ambitious one, while addressing its concerns, and ensuring that it is ready to solve the community problems for many years to come?

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