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Sayyid Ahmed Almusawi


Sayyid Ahmed Almusawi is a licensed mental health counselor who holds a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and has been practicing in the field since 2017. He has worked with clients of all ages and currently provides therapy to older teens and adults. He moved from Pennsylvania to Michigan with his family in 2019 in order to be part of the larger Muslim community there. He is passionate about spreading mental health awareness and has held several events at Islamic centers, actively recorded and written psycho-education material online, and has been invited on programs to speak about mental health. He also [...]

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Elweya Buthaina Bahrelelom


Elweya Buthaina Bahrelelom Buthaina Bahar Alaloom, PhD LPC is a mental health counselor in private practice focusing on women’s issues and youth. Additionally, she is an adjunct faculty member in the Chicago School of Professional Psychology in the Clinical Mental Health graduate online program.

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Hajjah Hala Hazimi


Hajjah Hala Hazimi received her M.ED. in Educational Leadership from the University of Michigan and her K-12 Administrative Certificate from the State of Michigan in 2008.  She is currently a Professional Learning Consultant for NWEA, a research-based organization that supports students and educators in measuring growth and proficiency. As a previous Principal of the Muslim American Youth Academy for over 11 years (an Islamic School in Dearborn), her focus not only remained on student achievement and personal growth, but that of spirituality in the teachings of Ahlul Bayt (as). Concurrently, Hajjah Hala served on and led many committees throughout her career, [...]

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Hajj Wissam Bazzi


Hajj Wissam Bazzi is an entrepreneur, author, and one of the nation’s elite life and business strategists. He has worked with high-level CEO’s of Multi-Million dollar companies and is recognized in the Direct Sales industry as on of the top training experts in coaching Leadership, Management, Sales, Marketing, and Personal Development. Bazzi commits himself to developing and inspiring young leaders to reach there full potentional and has allowed them to find their own voice. wb@wissambazzi.com

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Hajj Mohamed Ali Banoon


Hajj Mohamed Ali Banoon  is a practicing attorney based in Dearborn, MI. He is the Secretary of the Board of Directors at the Mainstay Foundation.Banoon has served with a number of nonprofit organizations for over several years in various capacities, where he has been using his legal and analytical skills to advance his communities. mabanoon@mainstay.us

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Hajj Jalal Moughania


Hajj Jalal Moughania is a lawyer, lecturer, and author. He has written and translated several original works on Islam such as Grand Ayatollah M.S. Al-Hakeem’s ‘Marjaeya: A Candid Conversation’. He is the co-author of ‘The Pope Meets the Ayatollah: An Introduction to Shi’a Islam’ and author of ‘Ali: The Elixir of Love’. His most recent work is a historical narrative of the life of Imam Husayn ibn Ali, ‘Husayn: The Saga of Hope’. Moughania serves on the Board of Directors of the Mainstay Foundation – USA. He holds a doctorate in law and serves as Principal Attorney and Chief Communications Officer [...]

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Sayyid Abathar Tajaldeen


Sayyid Abathar Tajaldeen is a partner at the AT Law Group, based in Dearborn, MI. His practices focuses on immigration law, business law, and nonprofit law. With a background in nonprofit executive leadership and management, he has worked with various nonprofit organizations in the United States. Tajaldeen is currently the Executive Director at the Mainstay Foundation where he focuses his efforts on strategic planning, coalition building, and expanding the organizations initiatives and outreach. aalkudari@mainstay.us

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Sayyid Haidar Bahrelelom


Sayyid H. Bahrelelom is a strategist, lecturer, and public intellectual. His studies under the tutelage of the professors of the Islamic Seminary, and his lectures in communities across the globe, have ranged across theology, jurisprudence, philosophy, ethics, and community development.In addition to serving as an advisor and trustee of the Mainstay Foundation, Sayyid Bahrelelom is a strategy consultant at a DC-based research and advisory firm. halaloom@mainstay.us

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