Executive Team

Haidar Mazen


Mr. Haidar Mazen is an academic educator, translator, and journalist. He is a language consultant and an active volunteer in various educational, visual, writing, and translation projects. He holds a master’s degree in education and a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Texas at Arlington where he also double minored in history and Arabic. He currently serves in The Mainstay Foundation as a project manager and an executive board member. hmazen@mainstay.us  

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Rima Fouani


Ms. Rima Fouani is an established professional in the financial sector and is currently working as a Senior Financial Consultant at the Auto Club Group. For the past several years, she has volunteered with various Muslim non-profit organizations, where she served in a number of positions including Chief Financial Officer. Ms. Fouani is currently a member of the Foundation’s executive team and works to ensure the success and effectiveness of the Foundation’s projects.  rfouani@mainstay.us  

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Hala Hazimi


Mrs. Hala Hazimi is Principal of the Muslim American Youth Academy since 2002.  She received her M.ED. in Educational Leadership from the University of Michigan and her K-12 Administrative Certificate from the State of Michigan in 2008.  As a very dedicated and passionate educational leader, Mrs. Hala puts the needs of her students before all else. Her patience and positive aura reflect heavily on the overall environment of her school and staff.  As an Islamic School Principal, her focus not only remains on student achievement and personal growth, but that of spirituality in the teachings of Ahlul Bayt (as). Mrs. Hala has served on and led many committees throughout her career, helping [...]

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Mariam Harajli


Mrs. Mariam Harajli currently serves as the Deputy Director of the Mainstay Foundation. An avid supporter for education and youth development projects, she has been instrumental in managing the growth of the Foundation and all of its projects. Harajli is a proud wife and mother of four. While she is devoted to her family and community, her inspiration and drive comes from her love and dedication to nonprofit religious work. She previously served as events coordinator for an international orphan organization, organizing fundraisers and traveling to orphanages across the globe.  mharajli@mainstay.us

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Ali Abdulrasul


Mr. Ali Abdulrasul is an IT administrator at The Mainstay Foundation. He is responsible for all the IT demands of the foundation, including those relating to the website, online presence, and office support. Ali is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science at Wayne State University. aabdulrasul@mainstay.us  

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Amal Hammoud


Mrs. Amal Hammoud is the Mainstay Foundation’s lead for finance. Hammoud is a non-profit accounting and financial consultant with over 17 years of experience as a corporate accountant in a number of medium sized firms. During her career she has also managed the finances and accounts of a number of national charitable organizations.  ahammoud@mainstay.us

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Abathar Tajaldeen


Sayyid Abathar Tajaldeen is a corporate attorney at the AT Law Group, based in Dearborn, MI. With a background in nonprofit executive leadership and management, he has worked with various nonprofit organizations in the United States. Tajaldeen is currently the Executive Director at the Mainstay Foundation where he focuses his efforts on strategic planning, coalition building, and expanding the organizations initiatives and outreach.  aalkudari@mainstay.us

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